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User guidelines

Privacy statement

1. (a) You (your) are hereby and shall henceforth be regarded as the user of this site and as such you are required to comply with the conditions and terms herein stated.

1. (b) We (our), refers to the designers and content creators, otherwise known as site administrators.

1. (c) We reserve the right to ban all criminal activity including spam and users on our site

1. (d) We reserve the right to reject your event submissions if we feel they do not comply with the purposes of our site

1. (e) We reserve the right to take certain content off our site if we feel it does not comply with the purposes and standards herein

Please take a moment to read through the following guidelines and policies to understand your role as well as ours.



1.1.List your events for free on our site

1.2. Share the content found on this site on personal websites, email, print or social networks

1.3.Copy, paste or quote the content of this site in excerpts, provided you link directly to our site as a source of that content

1.4.Make suggestions on how we can improve our site, provided you expect no compensation in return for those ideas whether used or not.

1.5.Leave civil, responsible, constructive and non-vulgar comments on our site


1.5.1.        List events with pornographic images or hate speech of any kind against one or other group of society

1.5.2.        Use language that is associated with obscene, pornographic, violent or any kind of criminal activity

1.5.3.        Use this site as a place for obscene, pornographic, violent or any kind of criminal activity

1.5.4.        Pass off any of our content as your own without prior written permission by us

1.5.5.        Change or modify the music, images, video or any kind of media by the artists listed on this site

1.5.6.        Plagiarise any of the material available on our site

1.5.7.        Claim the domain or site name as your own

1.5.8.        Duplicate the music herein listed


2.1.You may advertise on the site by filling out the contact form on the navigation page

2.2.You may become one of our affiliates by contacting us

2.3.You may become a partner or sponsor once a contract (between us and you) stating such is signed

2.4.You may NOT use illegal techniques to show your ads on our site without our prior written permission and stated increments

2.5.You may NOT use any content on this site in your ads without our prior written consent

2.6.You may NOT use our users’ personal information without getting their prior written permission

2.7.You may NOT make any late payments or use deceptive and criminal methods to try and keep from paying what is due to us


3.1. We acknowledge and respect your privacy as a user on our site

3.2.Except for images and other media hosted on our site for the purposes of promoting skills that exist in our country, we will not share any of your private information and we are committed to ensuring that we do not violate your privacy

3.3.We will not distribute your personal information such as ID numbers or residential addresses to any third party, nor even request any such information from you

3.4.We will not use any of your private information for monetization purposes i.e. selling your phone number to third parties, nor even request that you share such information with us