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If you’d like to add your favourite artist on the site, please follow these guidelines:

Graff piece - Newtown


1. Register and create an account

2. Login & hover your mouse over the words Alternative Molecule on the black panel at the left of the site

3. Click on Dashboard

4. Click on Posts > Add New

5. At the top of the main page enter the name of the person you’d like to profile.

6. In the body of the page, enter the actual profile in paragraphs (no more than 300 words)

7. Click on Add Media to upload images from your pc. Hover over an image to edit it, click on left blue screen of image

8. On the right of the screen next to the profile you’ve just created, select a category for the artist i.e. Emcees or DJs

9.  Click on the Set Featured Image link to add the default image that goes into the front of the site.

10. Add some tags to your listing (bottom right of screen)

11. To add links to the music, art works and/or social networking sites of the artist you are listing, highlight the text and then click on the link icon. It’s the 10th icon on the editing panel and it looks like a hook/chain. Paste a link and select Open in new window then save.

12. When you are happy with your listing click the blue Publish button.

13. Click on view post on top to see how your listing looks, if you want to change anything in it, click edit and once done, hit update again.

A video tutorial will be made available soon for the visual types :)

Happy listing!