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DJ Sistamatic

DJ Sistamatic


She dabbles in the art of graffiti every once in a while but DJ Sistamatic is mostly a grand turntablist. She’s been playing dope tunes for years at different events both in South Africa and internationally. Her musical journey has seen Sistamatic take onto stages as far as Europe.

For the longest time, she’s contributed to the art form with live performance in a multitude of events. Her sets are undeniably true school; a blend of 90s old school classics such as Wu Tang and some futuristic Hip Hop. Although you can always count on the right balance in her sets, never expect them to be predictable; Sistamatic is super fresh with freestyle deejaying. One of the kind in this day when most so-called DJs can only chop-change-cut-and-paste through CD roms, Sistamatic still swiftly and craftily mixes on turntables to which she doesn’t limit platforms of creativity. She’s turned heads in many a live set with her scratching and mixing abilities having been resident DJ for prolific crews such as Witchcraft and Cashless Society.  Sistamatic is also a great writer and events promoter whose talents are nearly unmatched in the turntablism arena.

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