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DJ BlaQt

DJ BlaQt

the sOulfanatic DJ BlaQt

Behind the brand name SOul Fanatics, DJ BlaQt has been in the game for as long as we can remember. He’s played various jams in Cape Town and is now back home in Jsection playing music sets that flatter discerning ears. DJ BlaQt is one of the most versatile, hard-working and innovative of all djs in the South African HipHopsphere in this day.

With an undisputed background in the Hip Hop classic genres, his sets are a phly string of soulful tunes ranging from Hip Hop to Soul, Jazz to Blues. You only need to follow some of the sets he plays at regular alternative music spots in Johannesburg to know that he’s a head ahead of heads.


Unlike many of his counterparts, he sees the value of establishing his own online empire as a cratedigger. His website always has updated information on his upcoming events, not to mention archives of his works going back a number of years and; you can find him on all the essential social media. Visit his website and offer support.

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