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Mzwandile Buthelezi aka Hac One

Mzwandile Buthelezi aka Hac One

There is a unique breed of visual artists that are part of an oblique movement whom without trying and perhaps even without noting it, are revolutionising the way African creatives are perceived and regarded on a global scale. While ‘unique’ is a word best uttered guardedly on a planet where nothing’s really new, the authentic works of such artists like Mzwandile Buthelezi aka Hac One aka Pinartbutta continually trump logic and melt off obstinacy.

Johannesburg-based multifaceted visual artist and Hip Hop head, Hac One mirrors ancient wisdom in perfectly fitting urban styles. He is an artist whose creative span does not limit him to just graffiti artist, graphic designer, illustrator, web designer or art activist. Some of his most remarkable works and perhaps, among those that elevated him to prominence, were his designs for Mind Your Head, an all-inclusive, much revered alternative arts movement that enlivened the urban anti-pop scene in Joburg in the mid-2000s. Having maintained such strong bonds with the Basemental Platform/Mind Your Head family with whom he’d collaborated back then, some of his latest design works include the cover design for The Pharoah Express, an EP released by the collective in 2013.


What separates Hac One’s pieces from many of his peers, are unmistakably trademarked elements of black/South African/African/World citizen elements as exhibited in just about every work he produces. As a result though abstract; his works are captivating, insightful and truly profound from character formation to avid font use to colour coordination. He is also one of a few young, black alternative design artists today with an independent empire that’s infiltrated the corporate market. His company Satta Design has done work for a range of brands, some as prominent as Levis and Niknaks.

mzwandile buthelezi002In early 2013, Hac One was honoured by a leading South African newspaper, Mail & Guardian in its annual selection of 200 Young South Africans which has been running for some years. He’s also a contributor to an NPO called Liberty Asia and a facilitator at an Orlando West after school project called Kgantsa ho Ganye. A while back, we also wrote a piece about Funisu skateboards, a innovative youth culture enterprise for which he is an art director.

So much more can be attributed to Hac One whose selfless work continues to teach, conscietise and inspire countless people, young and old, across racial and gender spectrums…but the list is too long to profile in its entirety and his talent unsurpassed.  To learn more about his work and show love, please click on the following links.

Satta Designs



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