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Buntu Fihla aka Bief37

Buntu Fihla aka Bief37
Buntu Fihla is an Eastern Cape born graphic designer, photographer and graffiti artist with a ND Graphic Design from CPUT (2006). Fihla’s work stems from an interest in all of all these different practices and is mostly aimed at social commentary and/or community upheaval. Currently working as a Graphic Designer for Ogilvy Cape Town, he has been active in the creative industry since 2006.
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Many communities have slums, unemployed youth and wells of untapped creativity. So why not bring these together? That’s the role of Dlala Indima,non-governmental organisation that uses the arts as a tool for social cohesion and community beautification. What started out as an artist residency concept in Phakamisa, near King William’s Town, grew into a labour of love for its founder, 31-year-old Buntu Fihla, a graphic designer and art director by trade and a creative force by reputation. Under Fihla’s guidance the creative team turned a drug den into an informal youth centre, painted murals and set up exhibitions and a core group of creative drivers. Today Dlala Indima, which means “playing your role”, is helping community members to do exactly that. When funding dried up the community donated their spare belongings. Today the space is well loved and used, hosting everything from study sessions and a DIY cinema to open discourse and dance groups. Fihla is still playing his role. Cat Pritchard (Courtesy Mail and Guardian)

Buntu Fihla. Isizathu...

Bief37’s extraordinary works are a main feature of many a wall from cities to villages around Southern Africa and beyond, they are also featured in the following online portals. Show love:

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