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Why Alternative Molecule?

Alternative is that which is uncommon or unconventional while a molecule is a name for a set of atoms, in this case the AM community. The two words represent our vision to bring together lively artists and fans who have acquired tastes in Hip Hop and to be a platform for a community of similarly pop-defiant heads who do not fit within predefined categories of being.

Why don’t you just host the music on the site?

We can only host mixtapes and podcasts. We are currently unable to host tracks due to the legal burden that process may present. As a free site, we simply can’t afford to handle any legal disputes that may arise concerning copyright.

Of what Benefit is Alternative Molecule to Artists?

By providing links to their music, Alternative Molecule hopes to contribute in getting artists exposure on the platforms where fans can either listen, download or buy their music. By providing links to their social networks, we help artist increase their fan base. We also feature active artists and promoters by allowing them to list their events on the site. For the ordinary user, this means free and easy access to artists.

How can I list my event?

Go to the navigation panel, click on Event, select List your Event and fill in the form

Can I add more details to my event listing once submitted?

Absolutely, follow the same process listed above but instead, click on the event you already created and edit it.

How much do I have to pay to get my music listed?

Listing is absolutely free. You never have to pay to use this website. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use this site for free. If you want to contribute to the site, read the next question. All we ask is that you share the site with others who might find it to be of some use i.e. link to us on your Facebook, Twitter or personal blogs and websites; comment and subscribe to our site. There are absolutely no obligations.

How can I list music and info on an artist?

Go to the navigation page and click on ADD LISTING and follow the guidelines and take care to read one of the preexisted profiles in case you are unsure. Include the following in the profile:

Name or artist alias of the person you are profiling

Email address

A hi-res image, cover or logo of the artist you want to profile (as many as you like). Choose one image that will go on the front page as a featured image.

Links to the site or portal where fans can listen or download the artist’s music or find their work:

Links to their social networking sites i.e. Twitter Handle @artist’sname or

What are Alternative Molecules’ guideline regarding mixtapes and podcasts?

We allow djs and other artists to send their mixtapes and podcasts that we then upload onto the site.

The following will be required in order for your mix to go live:

Name or artist alias

Email address

Other links where fans can download more of your material

Links to your social sites

A hi-res image to attach to your mix.

Your mix must be above 15 minutes but no longer than 45 minutes long.

Mixtape/Podcast guidelines for fans and users

You can download your favourite dj mixtape provided you do not redistribute the material commercially. All mixtapes and podcasts on Alternative Molecule are promotional material; selling, copying, reclaiming and sampling in any part of such material is illegal under South African law. If you wish to use any part of the mixtape, contact the artist directly.

What other services does Alternative Molecule provide?

We provide links to images and video for photographers and film-makers with Hip Hop related content to share with fans. Follow the same procedure as with music uploads above to give us links to your sites i.e. Flickr, Vimeo and social networking sites.

Can I provide links to my Facebook profile and not my fan page?

No, but you can add your Facebook profile along with your social networking site URL. This is only applicable when you list other sites or portals where yours/or another person’s music can be found. We can’t just list Facebook profiles alone as that would be of no use to the fan who seeks music or your other works. However, if you have a Facebook fan page it means you or whomever you are profiling has a music site or other arts linked to it, in which case you’ll have to provide links to that site along with the Facebook profile page.

I don’t have Twitter or Facebook acc. Will my listing be accepted?

Yes, you can submit your listing. You don’t have to give us links to your social networking site even if you do have them. It’s entirely up to you which links you provide. The social networks feature is only there if you want to redirect traffic which helps you to increase your fan base. If you do not wish to redirect to your social networks, simply submit the links to where the material or products can be found.

Why won’t my event or mixtape upload?

There could be a number of reasons your mixtape or event is not uploading.

Firstly, please check to see that your connection is stable. Make sure you’ve filled in all the required fields mentioned above and that you have given us a working URL.

For podcasts and mixtapes, please make sure that your material is no longer than 45 minutes otherwise it will not go through.

Please note that dead links or links that lead to URLs that don’t work will be taken off the site. Test your URL to make sure it works and copy it in its entirety to the submission form or to your email to avoid your listing being taken down.

Can I write or submit images to Alternative Molecule?

Yes, we welcome any contributions to the site. If you attend an event and you’d like to share an image, article or you have the expertise of any music related content that may be of interest to this community, please go ahead and add a listing and select the category ‘Featured Images’ or  ‘Random Fly Pics’.

Please note when writing, we reserve the right to edit some content in order to keep the word count or polish up the article where necessary.

Terms and Conditions

Please make use of the site responsibly by reading through the User Policy Agreement which contains Terms and Conditions (link at the foot of the site) for artists, contributors and users.  If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us by clicking on the CONTACT tab on the top of the site or by sending an email.

You can also reach us through: OR

Thank you for visiting Alternative Molecule.

If there’s a question we haven’t answered, feel free to ask us in the comment section below so we can add it to the rest of the FAQs.