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Tribal Rebel Ludi

Tribal Rebel Ludi

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Barely seen but thoroughly appreciated by Alternative Molecule (and surely by you once you get to hear a piece of her music), Tribal Rebel Ludi is a Pretoria-based emcee whose works are featured alongside fresh names such Dynamic Shapeshifters. TRL is an emcee whose rhyme style is a progressive blend of hardcore truths and subtle poetics. Her strength is in finding the balance in both and relaying her messages in narrative.  Her rhymes are as poignant as they are commanding. This we figure comes from her well-nurtured ability as a freestyle emcee. Follow her on the link provided to some of her sounds.

The below biography is courtesy of TRL’s SoundCloud account.

Tribal Rebel Ludi is a travelling cipher gypsy who’s wandered the world exploring the possibility of finding herself in cipher somewhere in the basement of a retired hippy playing the banjo on a hammock whilst eating chocolate mushrooms with coconut milk. Her stories and free thought capture the essence of expressing views, reality & fantasy in a uniquely theatrical delivery which rarely fails to captivate passersby. As a purely freestyle mc, her journey has followed a trail of unexpected unraveling and experiences expressed through sharp edged, transcendental and mind boggling rhyme patterns. Having being cross continental freestyling at every stop she found herself wrecking sound systems at spots Chivavas(JHB), Horror Café(JHB) ,Mong Kok, Argyle(Hong Kong),Shenzhen(Wutong Shan) Rhino Café(JHB), Funky Fingers (London), The Bat Centre(Durban), Jamesons(DBN), The Elements of Hip Hop Festival (DBN) amongst random dungeons, subways, jungles and caves.



After a thorough run through countless ciphers and freestyle events she proceeded with her journey which would lead her to a new level of thinking and expression. Tribal Ludi later decided to start writing studio material. With that decision made, she joined a two man cavalry “Okham’s Razorblade” (with Vulkan Cydeburner) and has been working prolifically on their material since 2011. She still frequently delves into the free style art form.

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