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omegazephOmegaZeph has become a Hip Hop hold name in underground circles in recent years. A multitalented emcee whose beat selection is driven by her discernible love for the grimy alternative, writes substantive, thought-provoking rhymes with plenty of twists and humorous angles. One of her most renowned tracks is entitled ‘Roaches’, the video of which was produced by pro-active Hip Hop filmmaker, emcee, entrepreneur and graff writer, Dice.

Passionately known as Zeph, this solo emcee’s Hip Hop background is rich and deeply-rooted in the underground. She has rhymed alongside the likes of D-Funk and Tele Thau Thau as part of an ill Johannesburg crew called Murky Depth. Besides murdering mics on the regular, OmegaZeph is also a professional filmmaker and graff writer. Links to Zeph’s music can be found below. You’ll do well not to sleep on her.

Roaches video

Cesspool of Nappiness video

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