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Mind Apocalypse – MAP

Mind Apocalypse – MAP


mapHailing from Tembisa, Jsection, MAP which stands for Mind APokalypse has been described as a hardcore, boom bap and raw rap crew. It consists of 2 mechanized war machine emcees – Last Digit and Don Volatile. Live performances and battle sessions have connected MAP to a lot of dope emcees and crews such as Book of Life, Kronos Logic, HI4P, Paradox and Last Digit. MAP’s first full project which was launched late 2010 – an EP called ’Concrete Clock’. Mind Apokalypse has been featured on the Murk Session Mixtape Volume2 which also featured the international emcee Copywrite from the Megahertz crew.


Don Volatile born on the 19th of June 1991 is an emcee, a song writer, poet, author and battle rapper. Having being raised in Tembisa in the East Rand, he grew up around folks who loved music different genres of music but the sound of rap music stimulated mind and spirit, infiltrating most of his existence, as it were.

In 2005, Don Volatile began to freestyle and spit writtens, partaking in school cyphers and in local Hip Hop shows around Tembisa such as Kota Tour, Wednesday Caprivi Poetry Sessions and Zniko Rap Sessions. So was Mind Apokalypse was formed – around this time. In 2011, doing his second year at the University of Johannesburg, the passion and energy of rap music was still a burning fire in his heart when he performed his solo tracks and some of the Mind Apokalypse jams at the Fore Word Society Poetry Session. In the same year he participated in the Art of War Battles in which he defeated Rhyme Smith but the battle was never uploaded.

A persistent and gifted emcee, Volatile made more appearances with his crew Mind Apokalypse at 21 Mic Salute, Vintage Store Original Hip Hop Parties, Ting ‘n Times Club in PTA Hatfield alongside A Huge Impakt, U-Born Hip Hop Session, Basement Raps Core Back 2 Basics, UVUKO Poetry shows in the Vaal and Orthodox Hip Hop Cyphers in Soweto. Don Volatile has off late been featured on Scrambles 4 Money Draft League Battles and has thus far won 4 of those consecutively against Chaotic Calamity, Tomi Stuck, Chef Toast and Metaforwords.



Last Digit is the core founder of Mind Apokalypse, a brainchild he brought to life in 2007 after coordinating more than a couple of emcees that perpetuated the existence of the crew to its current downsize of two members. Situated in a small section within Tembisa 1632 rose a prominent emcee, songwriter and battle rapper for which he developed to what he projects now as an fully-fledged recording artist.

Officially starting and perhaps even coincidentally,  in 2005 unconfined to any one dimension he began to exhibit dope skills that made his name a proverbial to heads in and around Tembisa. With not only battle raps and freestyles in various places he also ventured into making beats, having gained experience and exposure to resources in a form of multiple softwares. Mind Apokalypse used more than a couple of studios to work on full projects, a challenge that motivated this emcee to look into honing his own musical skills behind production and sampling. The release of their first record gave the crew definitive direction and improved Last Digit’s approach towards making music.

Last we checked,Mind Apokalypse is busy working on their EP called The Build UP which you wanna check out for this summer. Production on this second offering includes contributions by the likes of Voice, Eternal, Death Star, SK Genetic and Raze just to name a few. In 2014, the crew were also said to be planning to release their first debut album called PBS or Prescription of Bladed Sounds. On production of the album they would feature producers such as Jumanji Rasuu, Raze, M.O Force, Voice, SK Genetic and Eternal…featured on mics would be Paradox, Vortex, Anti-Bullshit and some such gifted emcees.


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