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At the tender age of 11, KONFAB (then affectionately known as Sneez), received a thorough ass whipping from his old man. He had snuck out of the crib to perform at a dingy strip joint called Palace Hotel in Teyateyaneng, a good 30km outside of his home in Maseru, Lesotho with his crew By All Means. This is really where it all began…

15 years have since elapsed and KONFAB’s involvement in hip hop music, as well as his rhyme structure, remains nothing short of prolific, rebellious and defiant of accepted hip-hop game norms. An ironic and ill-known fact:- KONFAB perseveres through a conventional nine-to-five everyday, as a Civil Engineer in Cape Town. This, he argues, gives him more impetus to lambaste industry and establishment in his rhymes.

And not withstanding KONFAB’s scientific professional background, he truly dismantles the formula in his rhymes. His quest is to stretch the barriers of language and syllabic metre to their artistic limits, whilst simultaneously delivering an impassioned message, often with a slightly crass sense of humour.
“…Hussein and who’s looney? Group me with the UN / a hooligan humanitarian with too many skinny friends…”

KONFAB’s journey through hip hop music and rap started in Maseru in the early ‘90s when the relatively new art form was thriving in his small home town. He entered an MC competition in school with a crew of homeys and came out tops, having never actually written a rhyme before! Following this event, he was invited to join a prominent local hip hop lifestyle movement called Black Mentality, and was placed in a 3-man crew, By All Means.

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