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Alternative Molecule is South Africa’s only underground Hip Hop wikipedia, a base for the alternative arts related to the culture of Hip Hop and a search engine providing links to the music and the works of an array of noteworthy artists in the country. Founded in 2013 as a project by an anonymous Hip Hop artist and fueled by the love of the art form, Alternative Molecule is the digital home it is hoped will be of great use to individuals of cosmic perspectives.

The idea is to list as many alternative contributors of the art form as possible – past and current, Hip Hop and yonder as well as link to their works and social media profiles so as to allow a free flow of information and begin to build a discernible canvas of the South African creative landscape. At the moment, making a Google, Bing or Yahoo search query for underground Hip Hop or alternative arts in SA whether it be graffiti, rap or filmmakers; will return a lot of results (most of them irrelevant) making it hard to locate what one might be looking for.

As a centralised base Alternative Molecule makes it easier for fans to discover or locate their favourite artists’ music on the web, learn something of them and contribute to their growth when linked from the site to their direct profiles. As with everything else in Hip Hop, the alternative is always left in the posterior. The vision to create a platform where the underground movement can reclaim its crown as one of the most authentic art forms around the globe.

Thus far, the contents of this site have been collected by the founder. For this site to fulfill its potential, I invite you, the user to contribute some content, images and/or links to the music or other art works belonging to those you deem to be part of the creative community as defined here. By joining as a member of Alternative Molecule,  you will gain access to other like-minded people, access to online writing tools, help artists get found on the web and most importantly; you will be contributing to a site from which future generations will discover the legacy of the unorthodox.

Alternative Molecule is 100% free to use. Please do take care to respect these Terms of Use i.e. respectful conduct and honouring the copyrights of any content linked to from within this website. Your contribution in this regard is highly appreciated. Feel free to explore the website; leave comments and share the site or the posts with your peoples.

Peace & Light